Curious Minds Consulting

We’re very happy to have helped Chichester based award winning Photographer and Business Coach Tracey McEachran with her new company logo.  Curious Minds Consulting is due to launch shortly and offers services specifically aimed at women who are looking to build confidence and live a life freer of worries and negative limiting beliefs in order to fulfil their own potential and goals as well as more traditional skills and emotional intelligence building services for CEOs and Company Directors.

As you might expect, Tracey came to us with some very good ideas already specced out, including a colour board and a selection of typefaces which made it a very easy process to meet her expectations.

Just today we received this very nice testimonial from her and very chuffed we were too!

I can strongly recommend Clint at Chartwellweb. Clint took the pain out of creating a logo for my Coaching and Personal Development business. It is so hard to get it just right and in very quick time Clint created a great logo for me. It was painless and quick, I felt listened to and am one happy client as a result.
Thank you Clint, I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to work with a creative person that is also very pragmatic and easy to work with.

If you would like to find out more about the services Curious Minds Consulting will be offering you can contact Tracey here . And don’t forget that as well as logos and graphic design, we make some very nice websites too. So do get in touch if you would like a no obligation chat about how we can help you with your next project.